The Blue Mansion:The luxurious decorated interior and the mansion which made full use of feng shui.

This building is the mansion where Chen Fatt Tze who is a Chinese businessman lived in in the 1800s. He was called “Oriental Rockefeller”.

I think that the appearance and the interior decoration are worth watching. These are mixed the Sinicism and Western-style in Georgetown of the Penang Island. This is the reason that I chose as sightseeing.

This building is run now as a hotel, but it feels like slightly scary to stay because it is very old.

The admission takes 17 ringgit (approximately 557 yen) per one adult.
It was written as 16 ringgit in signboard, but was revised. I seemed to raise it recently.
By the way, it was written as 12 ringgit in the guidebook several years ago・・・


There are guided tour in English three times a day. 11:00 /14:00 / 15:30 . We waited to begin in the lobby of the entrance.



An already gorgeous atmosphere is full.
I carefully watched elaborate decoration of the furniture.


Chen Fatt Tze of the landlord let an important member of the family live in this residence and seemed to live an elegant life.

A Chinese woman guide described mansion’s history in English

An English guided tour began.
At first, she talked about the history of this residence and explained with gestures.
I felt that her talk was long.It may be a cause that ability for my English hearing lacked.

This is the time to enter inside!


A wonderful courtyard!
When it rains, water seems to collect here.
Probably it is thought that it is good for feng shui.

There is dining room in the innermost part of a house.

There is beautiful courtyard also.

Let’s climb the stairs.

I looked down into the courtyard.

The sunlight enters, and beautiful decoration is highlighted.

The article which they used at the time, mahjong, an abacus, and a typewriter is displayed.

This mahjong was made of bamboo.
In the times when there was little entertainment, would they do such a play night after night?・・・I imagined it.I felt having made a time trip in the old world。

Though I forgot taking a picture, there was a room which displayed daughter’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

According to the explanation of a guide, this residence seemed to have been used before as a location of the filming of the movie in France.
I checked it, it was a movie called “Indochina” which Catherine Deneuve played.

My sentiments


I was surprised that Chinese millionaire’s power.
Though there are residences which Japanese style and Western style were mixed in, this Blue Mansion is really gorgeous.

We have rare opportunity to watch such a elaborate furniture and interior.
It would be better for the person who likes being enchanted to see a beautiful thing

Though I don’t have knowledge about feng shui,if you know about feng shui in detail,you can enjoy it still more.

There is facilities “Peranakan Museum” (20 ringgit) seen with artworks similar to a Blue Mansion.

And I also recommend Peneng Musium (1 ringgit) for history lover.
We can know how did Malaysian, Indian, Chinese people came over to Penang.
The Japanese seemed to live in Penang, too.

Sightseeing information

Blue Mansion


Address:14, Lebuh Leith 10200 Georgetown Pulau Pinang

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