I strongly recommend this restaurant, if you would like to eat Chinese dim sum in GeorgeTown,Penang.

I arrived at Kuala Lunpur from Bankok by AirAsia at night.
I was simply starving and found the restaurant near my hotel.As It was great,I am going to introduce it.

This Chinese restaurant is crowded with local people.


Seats are full, and there is not a place to sit down. I am alone, but everybody comes with family.
Should I share a table?
Then,storekeeper said,“ You can sit there!”


Lots of lots of people…!!
And sounds to cook in a kitchen, loud sounds of the electric fans, the loud voice that visitors talk.
I feel nervous that Chinese people’s power.
But This is a town in Asia!


Sharkfin!I chose this without hesitating.


There are various appetizing things.
Besides, Japanese is written on the menu.
I ordered several dishes.

storekeeper said,”This is too much for you to eat.The wagon will come around,you can order small one.”


As for the tea, it was set the table in the situation that poured hot water into the washbowl in this way.
Teacup becomes clean with the hot water of the washbowl, and pour tea to the teacup and drink.


Here it comes!Dim sum has been carried with a wagon.
It is easy way to order.Just point it and say “this one”.


Looks delicious!
Mayonnaise cliff of deep frying prawns, dim sum with prawns, shark fin soup.
I am full already…Ummm…
I wanted to try it more in various things.


I took away egg tart to the hotel.


The payment was 46 ringgit and 30 sen(about 1500 Yen).


I would like to come again!
I want to come with family or my friends,and will order various menus more.


Address:45,Lebuh Cintra,10100 Penang
Business hours:6:00~12:00 / 16:15~23:30 / 23:30分~2:30分

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