I ate specialty of Penang, Assam Laksa

Laksa is called Baba Nyonya dish which is eaten well in Singapore and Malaysia.
Baba Nyonya means Straits Chinese(Peranakan) ,”Baba” is man and “Nyonya” is woman.

The master of the Blue Mansion where I went to watch it was a descendant of Chinese really.
I tried to eat laksa which is the representative of Baba Nyonya dish.


There is this restaurant in the immediate place on foot from the Blue Mansion.
It is stylish interior for tourists.
A room of the second floor was like the study and the atmosphere was really good.


Laksa has been served with the fresh orange juice in the mason jar.

Kaksa & Orange juice = 20 ringitt(665 yen)
I love this arrangement.

I put a red pepper, brown sauce, and squeeze a lime.


Mix it well.

It is noodles such as the udon without a waist made from rice flour.

The soup stock of the fish is a good point.

It seems to contain not only the soup stock but also fish together. The fish bones are sometimes contained, too.
Because of sourness,I thought it would be tomato.
I checked it later, it seems to be a leguminous plant, juice of the tamarind.

The Laksa using such a tamarind is called Assam Laksa or Penang Laksa, and this dish is Penang’s origins.

The onion slice was raw, it was slightly bitter. . .
Shreds of a cucumber and the lettuce inside.
The leaf of the mint was an accent
The boiled egg was delicious commonly.

If it was Japanese Ramen,I would drink all of soup.
It depends on one’s taste in something.

I felt tastes was monotonous.
The fish and fish and fish!
I like a little more complicated taste. Will this be because I am a Japanese?

Because pork was not used for this dish, it seemed to spread out in the whole land with many Muslims of Malaysia.
This dish seems to be different in the taste in various ways every district, too.
I intend to eat again in other restaurant.

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