Let’s take a safe taxi in Malaysia! Application “MyTeksi” is transcendence convenience

As taxi fee in Malaysia is not so expensive, travellers would like to use positively.
But according to the guide books, it seems there are vicious taxicab actually.

When I thought how to get a safe taxi, I found a splendid app !!


That’s MyTeksi. Let’s download !

It is not a spelling error.
They express “taxi” to “teksi” in Malaysia.

[ Android download ]

I used it suddenly. MyTeksi is great!

In Penang of GeorgeTown, I would like to go to Gurney Drive district from Komtar which is bus station.

This is the initial welcome banner.


GoogleMap gets current positional information. And then, it display on the screen how many are there running taxis in the neighborhood.
33 taxis are near here!!


This is the place for starting.


And this is the destination. We have to input it.

I’m not sure that if I select “Exective”, high quality taxi is coming?
First of all, I select “Meterd Budget”.
Click “Next” button.


Please input your name and an e-mail address, a phone number.
This screen shows because this is the first time to use MyTeksi app, if you input at once, this screen doesn’t appear.
Click “Done” and go to next.


App is showing taxi fare almost 10〜15 ringgit to go to the destination.
I am thankful for what see an approximate fare before riding a taxi without having the sense of locality.

For meet a taxi driver, you need to input the clue for easy to find at “Notes to drivers”
I wrote “I’m at Komtar. downstairs.”

Click “Confirm Booking”.


Now app is searching drivers…
If the driver did the action that “I will go.”,


Completed the booking!
Sometimes, booking doesn’t complete because of less drivers. So you can be back to “Confirm Booking” and add tips 1〜2 ringgit which is the easy way to find the driver.

good functions!


Then you can wait for taxi is coming.
It’s only 4 minutes.


Oh! Taxi is coming here! … but it seems that the taxi went to the wrong street.


The telephone began to ring!

Taxi driver couldn’t understand where I am.
After talking, I went to the place which the driver said, we could meet finally.


He is the driver.
I asked him “Can I take your picture? I will write a blog.”
Thank you so much!

I have not used the uber application,so this is the first experience to use taxi dispatch system.I was excited and said,
”This app is really great! Taxi company is not needed any more,isn’t it? “
The driver said,

Merit to use this application

At first, the driver who use this app bring their smart phone exactly.As a result, they can use google map. We can avoid the situation like they would make a detour because he doesn’t know the way to the destination.

And we can get metered taxi certainly.
For the person who feels it if it is troublesome to do rate negotiations while traveling, this is a big merit.

The user can report it to the application side later even if there was any trouble because, besides, I know the face of the driver and the number of the car to a phone number.

It is a big point that is hard to take a haughty action in the driver having to get penal regulations (suspension of business of several days) when an objection comes from a customer.

In the country except Malaysia, this application is known for the name called “GrabTaxi”

Because the word “Teksi” was peculiar to Malaysia, the name is changed with “GrabTaxi”, and the same application is used in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia.

There is the news that SOFTBANK financed the glove taxi holding of the operator with 250 million dollars (approximately 30 billion yen) at the end of 2014.

Grabtaxi where SOFTBANK financed spreads in “honesty to a fault” “hard” in Southeast Asia

MyTeksi Facebook Page


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