South India style crepe, thosai are delicious and cheap. It is recommended to breakfast and snacks!

I did not eat dinner the day before and it was hungry morning.

I wanted to eat a delicious breakfast and went out 7:30 a.m. though it rained.
There was an Indian restaurant in front of the yesterday’s Hinduism temple.
The waiter suggested “this is good for breakfast.”
That’s THOSAI.
It was South India style crepe and 2 kinds of curryies.
You can select what’s inside crepe, I selected bananas.


The edge of the crepe was crispy. This was delicious!
In addition, 2 kinds of curries and sweet milk tea were really good.

Only 5 ringgit (163yen). Marvelous!


This restaurant is in front of Sri Maha Mariaman Hindu Temple.I strongly recommend it

What is thosai?

How to make crepe dough

  1. Soybeans and spices, which are softened by being soaked in water, are mashed together.
  2. Ferment these crepe dough.
  3. Roast in a pan.

It seems to considerably take time.

If you use this,it seems that you can make the same thing like pancake.
I will try it.

Restoran Shree Vithiya Bavan

192, Jalan Tun H S Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

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