Malaysian sweets, moo moo char char is now on sale from Seijo Ishii. Delicious!

麼麼咋咋[moo moo char char] is from Malayn Sweets

When I travelled to Thailand, I bought「
Sweet Mung Bean Porridge with Taro & Coconut Cream
」. This product called “moo moo char char” resembles that one.

The place was Seijo-Ishii in Tokyo.
This grocery store is very popular for Japanese with high quality foods.

Malaysian sweets?
My favorite cocout milk is contained.
I must buy it!

“moo moo char char” means the various things mixed together in a jumble.
It is written “麼麼咋咋” in Chinese.
Sounds cute!



Let’s eat now !


Three kinds of beans are boiled with syrup, and there are sweet potatoes and mochi.
The point is yellow creme anglaise sauce.
Tasty blancmange of the coconut milk.


Following this name, I mixed and ate it.
It was delicious…

This sweets might be better for breakfast, because the size is a little big, and calories are so high.

Actually, what kinds of beans are used in Malaysia and China ?

It seems that various kinds of beans were used.

  • rouge bean (adzuki bean)
  • rouge waist bean (red kidney)
  • Phaseolus radiatus
  • white kidney beans

There was the recipe using the tapioca, too.

This product of Seijo Ishii becomes the stylish for considerably high-quality intention.

Now, try it !


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