Enjoy night-stalls of Penang and a lively scene in the Red Garden


It is said that the night stalls are high quality in Penang.

Penang’s night stalls are famous for many kinds of meal and high quality.
You must experience fantastic foods here.

As for the inhabitants of Penang, the Chinese immigrant who came over from Mainland China occupies half of inhabitants and it fuses with a Malaysian dish and makes original culture.

I love night stalls and food stands!
This is the main reason why I chose visiting Penang. I really wanted to eat various local dishes and desserts.
So, I am going to try many kinds of food, but unfortunately I had stomach ache and I didn’t have appetite.
I went to the red garden to feel the atmosphere of the night stalls.

The red garden is the big Hawker center which gathers Asian countries meals.

It is charm that the Asian food stands are reasonable, cheap, and can enjoy local cooking.
As one meal costs only several dollars, if you order about $10, you must be full.

I came to the hawker center named “the red garden” in Penang, GeorgeTown.
Here is near the famous Blue Mansion( Chen Fatt Tze Mansion ).

You can enjoy Asian cuisine at reasonable prices.

At first, let’s look around.

Japanese Sushi


Wow…looks weird.
I am Japanese, so I can understand this restaurant wasn’t made by Japanese.

Though there are many kinds of sushi.


Hainanese Chicken Rice | 海南鶏飯


Dim Sum( 点心 )


Wonton Noodles (Malaysian Wantan Mee)and Roasted chicken


Korean foods


Thai foods


How to order at the Red Garden?

After looking around, you decide to order.
Please sit down near your favorite food stand.
There is the number at the table, you have to tell the table number when you order.

Order your drinks to Bud Girls


You have to order your drinks to Bud Girls who is walking around.
The payment is at the table.

I don’t drink alcohol,so I’m not sure,there are Budweisers and Tiger beer.


I drunk fresh orange juice.

But the Japanese, please be careful about water.
Drinking the hard water, the Japanese may get a stomach out of order.

I had a bad stomach this day, because of ice cubes in the juice.

Beer and cola without the ice do not have any problem.

I ate Hokkien Noodles(福建炒)

Hokken mee is famous noodles as Malaysian & Singapore food.
I ordered Hokken noodles without soup.
This was just like fried noodles.


Taste was slightly thick.
I would like to try bokken mee!


Good old music on stage


Two women started to sing at the stage.

They sang a song “Yesterday once more”.
That’s nostalgic old music.

Lively night to follow far deep into the night

Though I went back to the hotel to go to bed early, here was crowded with people, continued to sing songs far into the night…

I revive physical condition and want to enjoy a full stand meals early.


The Red Garden’s Information


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