Young tau foo (醸豆腐) is free to choose both the ingredient materials and the noodles for preference.


Fish paste and vegetables are heaping up!

When you see this picture, can you imagine what type of meal immediately?
If you can, you might have been to Singapore or Malaysia.

This is called Young Tau foo[醸豆腐], It seems to be the cooking that spread out from China to people who emigrated to each Asian country.
I saw the food stand that fish paste or vegetables were displayed in Chinatown.
I wanted to try it.

Because I found a shop of the Yong tau foo this time in the food court in the pavilion of Kuala Lumpur, I decided to eat.


Young Tau foo restaurant at food court of Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur

How can I order Young Tau foo?

At first you choose the ingredient materials

Ingredients materials such as a paste gem or fishery products are displayed crowdedly.

There are various foods and I was thinking.
And chose three kinds of fish paste because I wanted to finish it rather lightly in this day.

Take the ingredients in a bowl with a tong by yourself.


The price varies according to the number of ingredient materials.

Let’s decide whether we choose several kinds beforehand.

Choose the noodles next.

You choose the noodles Chinese noodles, wide noodles, medium noodles, thin noodles and spring rain.


A salesclerk cooks ingredient materials

A salesclerk cuts fish pastes and vegetables by using scissors.
And he boils noodles.


Pour the sauce of a spice and the topping into the small dish and wait.

Noodles are boiled and he pour soup and ingredients.
All done.
It is simple spring rain Yong tau foo.


The flavor that the taste of the soup has a gentle saltiness. Even a small child seems to eat with pleasure as it is.
Because I liked some strictness, I added a spicy topping with a red pepper.


You can enjoy various noodles cooking when you change ingredient materials and vegetables.

Depending on a shop, you can choose Laksa soup and Tom Yum soup other than basic saltiness soup.

You can choose all the ingredient materials, the vegetables, the noodles, the soup by oneself is the special point of this dish.
Because you can customize it to like it, it is all right for both big eater or small eater.

Try it once by all means!

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