How to charge a battery during a trip abroad?-Useful multi-conversion plug-

It is really important for charging a battery of your smartphone when you travell.

This article might useful for the person who live in Japan.

We use our smartphone everyday, checking the destination, searching sightseeing information,something like that.
Actually I always bring Macbook,charging a battery full is the daily work in the hotel every night.

Can we use these electrical appliances in the country we travel.

As a result,
If frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz, the adapter which is attached to iPhone can use the voltage in the range of 100-240 volts all over the world. At first, you should check the voltage of the country where you go.


Country Voltage Plug
China 220V
Country Voltage Plug
France 220V
Country Voltage Plug
U.S.A. 110V TypeA
Canada 110V TypeA
Mexico 110V TypeA
Brazil 110V,127V,220V TypeA,C
Argentina 220V TypeC,BF,O
Chile 220V TypeC
Cuba 110V TypeA
Jamaica 110V TypeA
Panama 110V TypeA
Puerto Rico 110V,220V TypeA
Peru 220V TypeA,C,SE


Country Voltage Plug
Australia 220-240V TypeO
New Zealand 230V TypeO
Samoa 240V TypeO
Tonga 240V TypeO
Palau 110V TypeA
Vanuatu 240V TypeB3,C,O
Fiji 240V TypeO

Middle East / Africa

Country Voltage Plug
U.A.E. 220V、240V TypeBF
Iran 220V TypeC
Israel 220V TypeC
Oman 230V TypeBF,B3
Qatar 240V TypeBF
Turkey 220V TypeC
Bahrain 220-240V TypeA,BF
Jordan 220V TypeB,BF
Lebanon 110V TypeC
Saudi Arabia 127V、220V TypeA,B,BF,C
Egypt 220V TypeC
Kenya 220-240V TypeB3,BF,C
Ethiopia 220V TypeC
Namibia 220V、250V TypeB3
Botswana 220V、240V TypeBF
South Africa 220V、240V TypeB3
Morocco 220V TypeC,SE

In almost all countries, iPhone does not have any problem about the voltage when I watch this. In other words it means that the transformer to change the voltage is not necessary.

But your plug might useless to insert to the outlet at the hotel.Because the shapes of the plug are different!

What is the type of plug?

The plug adopted in Japan is called A type, and two flat model pins form a line lengthwise.


A country, the area that this is just available to is Japan and the United States or Canada, but there is the shape of various plugs all over the world.


When you stay in the country where is different from Japan in the shape of an outlet and the plug for such a reason, the conversion plug to insert it in the plug of a different shape becomes essential.

As for the conversion plug, the thing of the multi-type is convenient

It is this conversion plug that I purchased for overseas travel.

Comfort that the shape of the plug mouth supports A C O, BF, SE type and does the USB correspondence more.
It seems to useful even if I go to any country .

However,I did not know how to use after having purchased it, I will explain with real photographs

in Malaysia(Type BF)


The shape of the outlet in Malaysia is Type BF. There are three flat hole.


Multiple type plug become flat plastic part and two round sticks.
As I thought three flat plastic should be used, I was worry if it fits.


I insert an adapter of Mac. My adapter has sticker of Github.(^^)w

Wow! I’ve done! It was able to charge iPhone and Mac without a problem!!


Because I wanted to be able to use iPhone and Mac smoothly, I summarized that I checked prior preparation for all possible measures in various ways in this article.

Usable overseas travel use multi-conversion plug

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